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Understanding Italian Canadian Food

Italian Canadian food traditions

The best known common food from Italian Canadian traditions are red sauce joints, pizza types and very old recipes in delis. But the fact is Italian Canadian cooking history is very original and promising.  

The Italian vegetable sellers start selling red tomatoes in the late summer and in early autumn. Where there is an Italian crowd, the seller run the business from streets to shops with red tomato juices. They sell through setting garages as shops, and on laneways too. 

Woodbridge has the biggest Italian populace of any city in the country. As per Library and Archives Canada, there are around 1.4 million individuals of Italian plummet living in Canada, which represents around 3.7 percent of the nation’s absolute populace. At the point when you close in on the Greater Toronto Area, that rate skyrockets. According to the 2016 evaluation, 8.6 percent of the GTA’s ethnic populace is of Italian drop.

The sewer from Woodbridge is always filled with tomato remains or tomato water. 

Survey about Italian Food

Italian food is very popular in Canada. As per the survey, they research that Italian cuisines are most popular as in home cooking food. It is so common and cultural cuisine that Canadian prefer to cook at home rather than buying from restaurants. More of 73% Canadians prefer Italian food at home. But the most unpopular cuisine to cook at home and have from restaurants are Chinese.

The sauce custom isn’t restrictive to Woodbridge, which is about a half hour north of Toronto. Yet it is significant of Canada’s Italian-Canadian culinary practice, in that it exists principally inside the home. While Italian-American food is notable for a culinary practice that has flourished in the public field. And appearing as notorious red-sauce joints, controversial territorial pizza customs and many years old Italian delis and greengrocers. What genuinely characterizes Italian-Canadian cooking is its set of experiences.  


Also because of immigration of Italian people to Canada has tremendously changed the food culture of the Canadian people. So people start practising their own cuisines in Canada like green beans in spring, red tomatoes in summer and Romano beans in the fall. The community who are Italian by life and culture are very sharing when food serving activities happens. They maintain hospitality and serve Italian food to Non Italian people. But Canadian has given their own flavour to the Italian food dishes. Making Italian food in Canada is highly dependent on the individual households. 

A ton of Italians who moved to Canada never returned; they conveyed and kept up with culinary practices with little known roots across the Atlantic. And passed these customs on to fluctuating levels of progress, to the generations who live here at this point.

Canadian people don’t have Italian food when they are out. They prefer that they will try the food recipe which is complicate to try by themselves at home. But Italian food is simple to make so they prepare Italian food at home. Thus they maintain sense of pride inside and outside within the public about Italian Canadian food identity. 

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