Leva is located in the heart of Garneau, specializing in high quality coffee, baked goods and Italian style fare. Established in 2003, Leva has worked hard to contribute great quality products, atmosphere and customer service to our loyal clientele.

Winter Hours


Monday - Thursday 7am - 9pm

Friday 7am - 11pm

Saturday 8am-11pm

Sunday 8am-8pm




Leva is located in the heart of Garneau, one of Edmonton’s top neighborhoods. Leva has been in operation for 10 years and has been a leader in creating a strong coffee culture in Edmonton, specialize is traditional Italian style espresso drinks, organic gelato & sorbetto and some of the best pizza you’ll find around. 

Mornings at Leva are filled with freshly baked pastries and bright sunshine, evenings on the patio with a great cappuccino or a glass of wine & cheese platter.

Connected to Leva is Caffe Tech, who provide Edmonton with both home and commercial coffee equipment and service. 

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